Sunrise Brigid

Brigid (Dexter, Cow)

Sunrise Brigid

ADCA #035133

DOB:  12/4/2008
hip height:
color:  black, carries dun (E/E, B/b)
chondro-free:  tested
PHA-free:  tested
milk beta-casein:  A1/A2

What a neat “traditional” girl!  I’m very pleased to add her to the herd.  Brigid is a well-built cow, with great width & depth of body, a lovely straight topline, and fairly good udder structure.

Additonal Photos

  • Sunrise Brigid


Sire:  Meridian’s Campbell:  Meridian’s Ariel x Woodcrest Ferdinand

Dam:  Jams Blue Bell:  Windridge Bantrybeth x Rainbow Hills Ivanhoe