RdoubleD Stacia

Stacia (Dexter, 2yo Heifer)

RdoubleD Stacia

ADCA #038981

DOB:  3/16/2015
hip height:
polled:  heterozygous
color:  black (E/E)
chondro-free:  tested
PHA-free:  tested
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

I’m very happy to add this fine girl to the herd.  She represents a nice combination of RdoubleD genetics with a twist of Glenn Land.  Can’t wait to see what she produces.


Sire:  RdoubleD  Lj:  Circle H’s Bellis x XI Magee XI

Dam:  RdoubleD Magnolia:  RdoubleD American Rambler x Llanfair’s Philbert