RdoubleD Serendipity

Zippy (Dexter, Yearling Heifer)

RdoubleD Serendipity

ADCA #040133

DOB:  4/6/2016
hip height:  39″    birth height:  25″
weight:  365 lbs.  birth weight:  58 lbs.
polled:  heterozygous
color: black, with red & dun(E/E+, B/b)
chondro-free:  tested
PHA-free: PV obligate
milk beta-casein:  A1/A1

Serendipity: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.  And considering how I came to own Lucky, I think this is a fitting name for her heifer.  And what a thick, solid heifer she is!  This is a very well built calf & I’m so excited to add Hiyu Renown Magician’s bloodline to my herd.  I’ll be looking for great things out of Zippity.

In the top additional photo, she is 2 months old, and in the bottom one she is 6 months old.  What a fine looking heifer!

Additonal Photos

  • RdoubleD Serendipity
  • RdoubleD Serendipity


Sire:  RdoubleD Schmoozer:  Circle H’s Bellis x Hiyu Renown Magician

Dam:  RdoubleD Get N Lucky:  Esmerelda x Serenity Oak Farm Taco