RdoubleD Junebug

Junebug (Dexter, First-calf Heifer)

RdoubleD Junebug

ADCA #038268

DOB:  6/10/2015
hip height:  42″
weight:  530 lbs.
polled:  heterozygous
color:  black, carries red (E/E+)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free:  tested
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

This girl was cute as a bug when she came here.  She has settled in to her new home nicely, and is a sweet, calm heifer.  She’s a well-built girl with lots of length, and I’m excited to see how she matures.  Very happy to have her in our herd!

Junebug has had her first calf, and has a lovely udder with great milk volume.  She has been super-easy to train to milk and is settling right into the role of milk cow.

Calving History:

4/14/18 – “Baconator”, black steer by Thomas

The two small photos below show Junebug as a weanling & as a yearling.  The large bottom photo is from June 2017, as a two year old.

Additonal Photos

  • RdoubleD Junebug
  • RdoubleD Junebug
  • RdoubleD Junebug


Sire:  Llanfair’s Philbert:  Llanfair’s Poly x Saltaire Platinum

Dam:  RdoubleD  Accolade:  Circle H’s Penny x RdoubleD Rambling Bob