RdoubleD Get N Lucky

Lucky (Dexter, Cow)

RdoubleD Get N Lucky

ADCA #022362

DOB:  2/21/2009
hip height: 44″
weight:  1000 lbs.
polled:  heterozygous
color:  dun (E/E, b/b)
chondro-free:  tested
PHA-free:  tested
milk beta-casein:  A1/A1

So excited about this girl!  I would have liked to buy her a few years ago when she was first listed for sale, but wasn’t able to then, so was delighted to see her available again.  I feel very lucky indeed to have a second chance on her!

Lucky is a fabulous cow.  She has amazing width & depth…a lot of mass to this girl.  She is square & correct with great legs & feet, and a lovely udder to boot.  According to Monica, Lucky outproduces herself every year, so I anticipate some wonderful calves out of her.  She and her offspring will be wonderful additions to my herd.

Calving History:

4/6/16 – “Serendipity”, black heifer by Schmoozer
4/16/17 – “Esmeralda”, dun heifer by Thomas
6/6/18 – “BB”, black bull calf by Schmoozer

The top additional photo below was taken a few days after calving….beautiful udder!  The lower photo was taken in the fall of 2016.

Additonal Photos

  • RdoubleD Get N Lucky
  • RdoubleD Get N Lucky


Sire:  Serenity Oak Farm Taco:  Rock N’ Oaks Boo x Hillview DJ Baxter

Dam:  Esmerelda:  Easter x Wee Gaelic Mr. O’Toole