NewHope Peach Mezzaluna

Mizzie (Dexter, Yearling Heifer)

NewHope Peach Mezzaluna

ADCA #042146

DOB:  1/20/2017
birth height:  24″
birth weight:  50 lbs.
polled: homozygous
color:  red (E+/e)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein:  A1/A1

Luna popped this lovely little girl out on the last quarter of the moon, which is half a moon, and since she’s half Luna, Mezzaluna just seemed such a fitting name.  I’m so thrilled to finally have a heifer out of Luna (thanks to sexed semen)!  And such a sweet, friendly, nicely built girl, too.  Mizzie will make a wonderful addition to our herd.

Just shy of a year old at right, Miz is a beautiful, thick bodied heifer.

The top additional photo below was at birth.  In the middle photo, Mizzie is about 5 1/2 months old, and in the bottom one she’s about 6 1/2 months…looking good!

Additonal Photos

  • NewHope Peach Mezzaluna
  • NewHope Peach Mezzaluna
  • NewHope Peach Mezzaluna


Sire:  Belle Fourche Clay:  Belle Fourche Chamomile x Belle Fourche Mr. Right

Dam:  Legend Red Luna:  Legend Red LuLu Bell x Tama Titanium