NewHope Harvest Moonshine

'Shiner (Dexter, First-calf Heifer)

NewHope Harvest Moonshine

ADCA #037832

DOB: 10/4/2015
hip height:  41″     birth height: 23.5″
weight:  ?? lbs.   birth weight: 45 lbs.
color: black, carries red (E/E+)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein:  A1/A2

Isabella was so sneaky about this one, working under cover of darkness, I thought she must be making moonshine.  What a sweet, spunky, pretty girl it turned out to be!  This is another nice, stout heifer sired by Monty…very impressed with what I see out of this young bull.

Shiner is a very well-built heifer, with lots of depth, width & rib spring.  She has great legs & feet, with plenty of space between them.  Shiner is halter trained, and has a sweet, easy to manage disposition, with a little twist of her momma’s sass.

Shiner has had her first calf, with no complications, and is being a champion first-time momma, sporting a gorgeous udder.  She was as easy as could be to train to milk…no fuss at all, just took right to it.  She held her condition fine without grain through the winter, even while nursing her calf, and is bred back to Thomas for an early Nov calf.

Calving History:

9/14/17 – “Isabelle”, red heifer by Thomas

In the top additional photo below, Shiner is 1 month old.  The middle photo was taken at 4 months old, looking good!  The last 2 photos are from Sept 2017, one day after calving.

Additonal Photos

  • NewHope Harvest Moonshine
  • NewHope Harvest Moonshine
  • NewHope Harvest Moonshine
  • NewHope Harvest Moonshine


Sire:  Euchee Creek’s Red Lamont:  Legend Red Luna x Belle Fourche Washington

Dam:  Mrald Isabella:  Rose of Lone Oak x Serenity Oak Farm Taco