Shome Mosey

Miss Mosey (Dexter, Cow)

Shome Mosey

ADCA #027357,   PDCA #203486

DOB:   4/17/2005
hip height:   41″
color:  dun (E/E, b/b)
PHA carrier
milk beta-casein:  A1/A1

When Penny Gioja contacted me, saying that they were selling Mace’s dam and that she was producing nearly 4 gallons a day for them, I jumped at the opportunity.  Even though we weren’t looking for another cow, I knew Mosey was a really nice, little cow & didn’t want to pass up on her.  She had not been tested for PHA and I knew it was a possible issue with her bloodlines.  I was very disappointed when I got “carrier” results back, but I am still very pleased that we were able to buy her.

Mosey produced a nice little steer for us, and my friend/neighbor Jennifer fell in love with her while helping me to milk through the summer.  Therefore, Mosey now has a new home…just around the corner.  We sold her, bred to Rousseau, on the condition that we would get her first PHA-free heifer back to replace her in our herd.  Miss Mosey accomplished that on this first breeding, amazingly enough, and Sweet May Belle has returned to our herd in Mosey’s place.

Fall 2012  SOLD!  Mosey went to serve our friends Ian & Jennifer Sink as a family milk cow.

The photo below of Mosey being milked was taken at Jennifer’s home when another friend wanted to learn how to hand-milk a cow.  Both sides & a beginner didn’t faze Miss Mosey at all, she was all patience.

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  • Shome Mosey
  • Shome Mosey
  • Shome Mosey


Sire:  Shome Sharli’s Sol:  Shome Sharli x Shome Royale

Dam:  Shome Milli:  Shome Marsha x Shome Royale