SHF Keira Hilldancer

Keira Sue (Dexter, Cow)

SHF Keira Hilldancer

ADCA# 019779, PDCA# 204664

DOB:       05/17/2007
hip height:  42″
weight:   670 lbs.
color: black, car. red & dun(E/E+,B/b)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

Keira is the first calf born on our farm and she is Miss Personality!  As soon as she hears someone come out of the house, she’s generally bellowing a “hello” or “where’s dinner” or something.  Quite shy as a baby, she’s now overcome that and is easy to handle and leads nicely on halter.

When her first calf was born, she took to mothering like a pro.  She’s been started with her milking training and has done beautifully, though not a high volume producer.  We kept Keira in place of her mother as a foundation cow in our breeding program, as she has a better udder & a friendlier temperament.  Now that momma Sara has moved to a new home, Keira has taken charge as the new boss cow of the herd.  Now we are keeping Keira’s heifer, Ebony, as a replacement so that Keira can go to a new home as a milk cow.

Calving History:

2009 – “Oscar”, black steer calf by Mace, born 7/10/09
2010 – red bull calf lost to hydramnios 5/20/10 (see blog, Hydramnios: Tragedy Strikes Again, May 2010)
2011 – “Ebony”, black heifer by Rousseau, born 4/19/11

SOLD! 1/9/12


Sire:  Tama Star Dancer:  SGF Darla x Llanfair’s Ryan

Dam:  S&H Hilltop Sara:  Katie x Stillwater’s Drifter