Sorley (Dexter, Yearling Bull)


ADCA # 030233

DOB: 6/19/2012
hip height:  42″       birth height:  28.5″
weight:  550 lbs.    birth weight: 74 lbs.
polled: homozygous
color:  red, carries homo. dun (e/e,b/b)
milk beta-casein: A1/A2

Scarlet gave us this BIG boy mid-summer, a month after we brought her home & right before we left for the AGM.  His name is from the Irish name Somhairle, meaning summer wanderer…somehow it seemed appropriate.  He must have been born half-grown, because at a year old now, he’s not unusually large.   Although he’s a tiny bit shy, he will come to me for treats & scritches, and I’ve been working a bit teaching him to lead.

Sorley is a well put together young bull, with a nice thick body, good long hip, and exceptionally clean sheath & navel.  He has a nice straight topline and good legs & feet.  His color is a beautiful pale red, and since he carries homozygous dun genes he also has the pale amber eyes of a dun Dexter…stunning!

He’s breeding his first few cows for me this year, and I’m looking forward to some colorful, polled calves.

SOLD!  8/9/2013:  Sorley has gone to his new home with David & Sherri Spears in Somerset, KY.

Additonal Photos

  • SGF SAKE Sorley
  • SGF SAKE Sorley


Sire:  SGF SSAB Akela:  SGF TMER Kari x SGF SBAN Saber

Dam:  Tama Scarlet:  SGF Darci x Lone Pine Farms Klondike