RdoubleD Addiction

Addy (Dexter, Cow)

RdoubleD Addiction

ADCA #030078

DOB:  3/24/2012
hip height: 43″
weight:  825 lbs.
polled:  homozygous
color:  black (ED/ED)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free:  tested
milk beta-casein:  A1/A2

Yes, I now officially have a cow Addiction!  And what a sweet, nice looking cow she is.  Addy is structurally correct, with great length, depth & width, and muscling.  She has a wonderful, friendly temperament & is halter trained…a nice calm girl to work with.  We were very happy to add her to the herd and she is producing some exceptionally stout calves.  Her udder is not quite what I hoped for in breeding for milking, though.

So, we are offering Addy for sale.  If you want to add some RdoubleD quality & beefiness to your herd, this girl will do it!  She was AI’ed to Moomin MacDuff and is confirmed bred.

Calving History:

2/20/16 – “Kobe”, black steer by RdoubleD Rambling Bob
2/9/17 – “Ribeye”, black steer by Mrald Charlie Babbitt

SOLD!  10/21/17  Addy has gone to her new home at That One Farm in Center, KY.


Sire:  Llanfair’s Philbert:  Llanfair’s Poly x Saltaire Platinum

Dam:  Circle H’s Bellis:  Circle H’s Daisy x Circle H’s Philbert