NewHope Tinkerbelle

Tink (Jersey/Dexter Cross, Heifer)

NewHope Tinkerbelle

DOB:  2/1/2013
hip height:  43″     birth height:  26.5″
weight:  500 lbs.  birth weight:  60 lbs.
polled:  heterozygous
color:  mulberry

Well, BoPeep finally gave me a heifer, and she sure is a dandy, 3/4 Dexter and 1/4 Jersey!  This one is a sweet little thing, with a bit of attitude.  She was born looking quite the little pixie, with all the “makeup”…Jersey eyeliner, eyeshadow, and even a bit of pink lipstick.  She’s grown like a weed on momma’s milk & is a good, stocky girl…built like her daddy, with great length & depth to her body.  Tink is already showing a beautiful Jersey-looking udder with great attachments, and she’s been cycling regularly since 5 months of age, so those Jersey genes are showing out, too.  She was weaned at 8 months of age, when BoPeep went to her new home, and is now bossing around all the other weanling heifers.

Tinkerbelle is quite friendly & used to being handled.  She is halter trained, leads well and is used to being tied.  She is also well-accustomed to the sight & sound of the milking machine, and should make a great family milk cow.  She has been bred to Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman & has gone to her new home in Philpot, KY.


Additonal Photos

  • NewHope Tinkerbelle
  • NewHope Tinkerbelle
  • NewHope Tinkerbelle


Sire:  Belle Fourche Rousseau:  Circle H’s Nutmeg x Circle H’s Frederick

Dam:  Joy o’Drummer BoPeep:  HT Cinnamon (mini Jersey) x C2H2’s Drummer Boy (Dexter)