NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle

Tiggy (Dexter, First-calf Heifer)

NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle

ADCA #035669

DOB:   4/10/2014
hip height:  39″   birth height: 23″
weight:  450 lbs.  birth weight:  40 lbs.
polled:  heterozygous
color: black, with red & dun(E/E+,B/b)
chondro-free: PV obligate
PHA-free: PV obligate
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

We sold Ebony to Herb & Susan Lea after AI’ing her to Hedgehog, with the understanding that if she had a heifer I would be able to buy the heifer back.  Ebony did not disappoint me, and now I have my first Hedgehog baby.  We’re excited to have this well-built girl in the herd.  Tiggy has good length & a straight topline, with a nice hip & correct legs.  And what a sweetie she’s turning out to be!  She has had some halter training & does OK with leading.

Tiggy has had her first calf, and is being a wonderful first-time momma.  She has a nicely attached udder with a fairly level floor & good teat spacing, and should make a decent milk cow.

We need to downsize the herd a bit, and Tiggy is ending up somewhat small for our breeding program.  We hate to see her go, but she is available for purchase, with her steer calf at side.

Calving History:

4/2/16 – “PeeWee”, red steer calf by Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman

6/10/2016 SOLD!  Tiggy, PeeWee & Iris have gone to their new home in FL.

Additonal Photos

  • NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle
  • NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle
  • NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle
  • NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle
  • NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle


Sire:  Woodmagic Hedgehog III:  Woodmagic Palm Chat x Woodmagic Musk Ox

Dam:  NewHope Ebony Belle:  SHF Keira Hilldancer x Belle Fourche Rousseau