NewHope Iris Belle

Iris (Dexter, Cow)

NewHope Iris Belle

ADCA #030234

DOB:   3/29/2012
hip height:  42″       birth height:  24.5″
weight:  580 lbs.    birth weight: 54 lbs.
polled:  homozygous
color:  black, carries red (E/E+)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein: A2/A2

Ladybell has produced quite the pretty, petite girl here.  Born the day my first deep purple iris was opening, she is blossoming as she grows.  Iris is like a smaller version of Ladybell, with the same sweet, calm, quiet disposition.  She is halter trained and very easy to manage.  She has calved without issue, and is a great momma.

Iris is a fairly well-built cow, with a nice topline, good rib spring & body length, and great feet.  Her udder is not too bad, but not really what I expected out of this pairing.  I have milked her a couple times, but she really seems to have minimal milk production, so I’ve just been letting her raise her babies.

Her current heifer is a lovely girl that we will be retaining for breeding, so Iris will be available for purchase the beginning of June, once Eclipse is weaned.  Iris has been AI bred with sexed semen from Mrald Overture, for a homozygous polled heifer calf in fall of 2016.  Some really cool bloodlines in this mix!

Calving History:

4/18/14 – “Sunny”, red heifer by SGF SAKE Sorley
9/25/15 – “Eclipse”, black heifer by Euchee Creek’s Red Lamont

6/10/2016 SOLD!  Iris & Tiggy have gone to their new home in FL

Additonal Photos

  • NewHope Iris Belle
  • NewHope Iris Belle


Sire:  Belle Fourche Rousseau:  Circle H’s Nutmeg x Circle H’s Frederick

Dam:  HV Platinum Ladybell:  Belle Fourche Buttercup x Saltaire Platinum