Joy of Illinois Mace

Mace Man (Dexter, Bull)

Joy of Illinois Mace

4ADCA# 019927, PDCA# 204467

DOB:       09/09/2007
Deceased:  10/20/2012
hip height:   43″
weight:  875 lbs.
polled:   scurs
color:     dun
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein:  A1/A1

Mace is a nice, small bull.  We bought him at 1 month of age, along with our mini jersey cow, and he was fostered by Aunt Kit here.  His dam has a respectably nice udder and is being used as a milk cow.  He has a good temperament and is halter trained, although he is more assertive in the herd than Rousseau.

We bred Mace to our heifers and several cows, one last time summer of 2012, in the hopes of getting a couple heifers from him yet.  He has been culled due to conformational flaws…he’s just not an excellent bull like Rousseau.


Sire:  C2H2’s Drummer Boy:  C2H2’s Black Berry x Red Fern Keiran

Dam:  Shome Mosey:  Shome Milli x Shome Sharli’s Sol