Joy O’Drummer BoPeep

Bo (Jersey/Dexter Cross, Cow)

Joy O’Drummer BoPeep


DOB:       11/14/2007
hip height:   47″
weight:  750 lbs.
color:     black
milk beta-casein:  A1/A2

Thanksgiving of 2007, Jeff’s family was here for the holiday, I went out at dusk to check on Kitty & her new heifer calf before dark to make sure all was well.  Kitty stood there alone.  After a frantic search of the paddock & it’s fencerows, I still hadn’t located baby, so I ran inside to marshall the troops. Everyone donned jackets & gathered flashlights for my search & rescue mission, amid assurances that she probably wasn’t very far and that Kitty probably knew right where she was, etc.  An hour later after it was fully dark, we still hadn’t found her, but I was being put at ease by a line from the nursery rhyme that kept running through my head…”Just leave them alone and they’ll come home wagging their tails behind them.”

The search was called off & we all headed back in the house, where I announced that at least I now knew what the calf’s name was.  And thus she was dubbed Bo Peep.  Sure enough, next morning she was in the paddock beside Kitty, contentedly wagging her tail behind her.

So this is our Bo.  She’s a nice, calm cow, quite tame & halter trained.  She’s inquisitive and well-mannered.  Always one to enjoy a good head scratch, it was hard for her to learn to ask politely.  I knew we had our breakthrough the day she walked up to me, but instead of bumping me with her head (& horns), she stopped about two feet away then bobbed her head up & down mid-air in a scratching motion.  She then stood quietly as I scratched all around her ears & horns.  She now thoroughly understands the rules & knows she’s not to give me any sass, and is very easy to work with.  Bo Peep is not one that is big on “lovin” though….she’s much too dignified & independent a boss cow for that.

This pretty girl maintains good dairy cow conformation and that lovely, refined Jersey head.  Bo Peep has had absolutely no health problems and seems to be a bit hardier due to her Dexter half.  When her first calf was born, I trained her to machine-milk, and I have done a little hand-milking just to get her used to it.  After weaning her third calf 6 months into that lactation, I was milking her once a day and she was producing 2 – 2 1/2 gallons a day.  By her 4th lactation, she seemed to have finally decided she’s really a milk cow and really settled into the routine of it without any of the dancing around, peeing & pooping right at freshening that we had previous years.

BoPeep went to the Jones family at Harmony Hill to serve as milk cow for her fifth lactation in 2014.  However, due to family changes there, I was given the opportunity to buy her back, bred to their bull.  We were delighted to take the old girl back on for a while, so Bo is back home!

Calving History:

6/16/09 – “Beuford”, black steer calf by SF Re-Poll
2/26/11 – “Hershey”, black bull calf by Margarethe’s Dairyman (AI)
2/21/12 – “Buster”, mulberry bull calf by Belle Fourche Rousseau
2/1/13 – “Tinkerbelle”, mulberry heifer by Belle Fourche Rousseau
1/17/14 – black bull calf by Rousseau (born at Jones’)
3/3/15 – “Miss Muffet”, black heifer by Morning Star Big Mac
1/5/16 – “Thumbelina”, dun heifer by Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman
12/10/16 – “Slim”, fawn bull calf by La Garenne Monarch (AI)

Milk Production:

BoPeep’s production peaks around 6 gallons a day of lovely, rich, creamy milk,  about half way between Dexter white & Jersey yellow.  She does this on just pasture, getting only about 5 pounds of GMO-free dairy grain mix at milking time, along with half of a 3 quart scoop of alfalfa cubes…to slow her down & make her chew!

In the photos below, the top udder photo is from her first freshening.  The second photo is her with Tinkerbelle in Bo’s fourth lactation.  The bottom photo was just taken several days after calving, on her 7th freshening.  Still holding together nicely!

10/2017  Thank you & good-bye, old girl.

Additonal Photos

  • Joy O’Drummer BoPeep
  • Joy O’Drummer BoPeep
  • Joy O’Drummer BoPeep


Sire: C2H2’s Drummer Boy: C2H2’s Black Berry(dam) x Red Fern Keiran(sire)

Dam: HT Cinnamon: Riverview Josie(dam) x Riverview Bobby(sire)