HT Cinnamon

Kitty (Mini Jersey, Cow)

HT Cinnamon


DOB:       07/07/2002
Deceased:    02/23/2010
hip height:   49″   
polled:   scurs
color:     fawn, black face
milk production: 1 – 2 gallon/day, separated overnight

Kitty is not the best Mini Jersey specimen around.  She’s technically too big, quite rough on the topline, and has minimal milk production for a dairy breed. But she IS so many things, that you can’t help but love her!

Kit is the sweetest, most docile, friendly cow I can imagine, and is and always will be at the bottom of the pecking order.  She has earned the special privilege of being left out, with a bell, to graze in the yard.  She stays in the area around the house & barns and doesn’t wander too far.  You don’t want to stand next to her for long with shorts on, because that tongue will take the skin off your leg!  She is apparently the herd groom and when the others want a good washing, they go stand by her head to ask.

She is a supremely wonderful momma and will gladly foster any calf brought to her.  She already has fostered 2 for us.  When her heifer, Bo Peep, was born, she raised Mace right alongside his half-sister.  She was slow to breed back, and when they needed weaned, I needed her to stay in milk awhile until our other cow calved, so we bought 4-month-old Eavie and put her with Aunt Kit, and she nursed Eavie for a few months before I finally dried her up.

Unfortunately, we lost Kitty in a tragic accident.  See my blog post, “Saying Goodbye”, from Feb. 2010.


Sire:  Riverview Bobby

Dam:  Riverview Josie:  Riverview Sandy x Riverview Prancer