CPR Sally Jo

Sally (Dexter, First-calf Heifer)

CPR Sally Jo

ADCA #036644

DOB:  7/7/2014
hip height:  43″
weight:  650 lbs.
color:  black, carries dun (E/E, B/b)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

This girl came all the way from WA with her sister July Jane.  She is another Galaxy granddaughter, with a sire out of a high-volume milker.  We are excited to have her & can’t wait to see how she grows.  Sally is well put-together and has a sweet personality.  Due to the fact that she has silent heats, we were unable to AI her as planned, so she was bred late for her first calf, which has finally arrived!

Sally is being a great first-time momma, and has the beautiful udder she was bred for.  She is doing wonderfully with her milking training, and I was consistently getting half a gallon off of her each morning the first week after calving, by simply relieving the pressure of what the calf hadn’t taken (not milking her out the whole way).  So far, I’m very pleased with the quantity & quality of her milk.

Calving History:

5/9/17 – “Sparkle”, black heifer by Mrald Charlie Babbitt

The udder photo below was taken shortly after her first freshening.

3/26/18  SOLD!  Sally has gone to her new home in Danville, KY, to serve as a family milk cow.

Additonal Photos

  • CPR Sally Jo
  • CPR Sally Jo


Sire:  Mrald July Joe:  Iodine x Circle H’s Frederick

Dam:  Hillview Sally:  Belle Fourche Sparklett x Riverhill Saturn’s Galaxy