Buster (Jersey/Dexter Cross, Bull calf)



DOB:  2/21/2012
birth height:  27″
birth weight:  62 lbs.
color: fawn

Well, Bo has done it again….another really nice boy, this one 3/4 Dexter, 1/4 Jersey.  And Rousseau has put some muscle on him.  Hannah dubbed him Buster, which seemed appropriate as he was trying hard to bust my shins just a few hours (yes, HOURS!) after being born.  He’s been spunky from the git-go, with his sire’s sweet, friendly disposition.  Buster is turning into a very handsome fellow, very well put together.  He is being halter-trained, and has been taught he’s not allowed to head-butt me anymore.  Weaned at 6 months, he’s gone to his new home where he will be future herdsire.


Sire:  Belle Fourche Rousseau:  Circle H’s Nutmeg x Circle H’s Frederick

Dam:  Joy O’Drummer BoPeep:  HT Cinnamon x C2H2’s Drummer Boy