NewHope Isle’s Hershey

Hershey (Mini Jersey, Bull)

NewHope Isle’s Hershey

DOB:  02/26/2011
Deceased: 7/31/2013
hip height:  ~50-52″   birth height:  27″
birth weight:  54 lbs.
color:  black

This little cutie was born early morning, the last Saturday of February.  He’s 3/4 Mini Jersey and 1/4 Dexter, eligible for the AMJA&R upbreeding program.  His sire, via AI, is an excellent bull from the Isle of Jersey, the real deal.  Momma  BoPeep brought him into this world exactly one year and 2 days after her momma, Kitty, left it.  What a special treat.

He was the color of a Hershey chocolate bar when he was born, hence the name.  Although I love the fact that he shares the name with my great-uncle, Wilbur Hershey, who allowed a certain young girl to follow him around many a time, just to be close to the cows.  I have many fond childhood memories of Uncle Wilbur’s dairy farm & am delighted to give a calf this name!

2013 UPDATE:  After being sold to some friends to breed their cows, who have now had to sell said cows, Hershey has now come back to stay with us for the summer.  He will get to breed a couple cows before heading to freezer camp.  I can’t believe how big he has gotten!  He’s quite the handsome boy, but as a 2 year old, mostly-Jersey bull, he’s becoming a bit difficult.

Additonal Photos

  • NewHope Isle’s Hershey
  • NewHope Isle’s Hershey
  • NewHope Isle’s Hershey


Sire:  Margarethe’s Dairyman:  Margarethe’s Itaska’s Cecilia x Lynn’s Dairylike Ruler

Dam:  Joy O’Drummer BoPeep:  HT Cinnamon x C2H2’s Drummer Boy