CPR July Jane

Janie (Dexter, Cow)

CPR July Jane

ADCA #036643

DOB:  7/23/2014
hip height:  44″
weight:  625 lbs.
color:  black, carries red (E/e)
chondro-free: tested
PHA-free: tested
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

This little girl came the whole way from WA with her sister Sally Jo.  Her dam is a granddaughter of both imported Knotting bulls, and her sire’s dam is also a great milk producer.  Very happy to add her to our herd.  Janie is a well built cow with excellent udder structure.

Janie unfortunately lost her first calf, but that has given me the opportunity to train her to milk & see what her production is like.  She was not settling into the role of milk cow nicely, so was dried off early.  But her milk is lovely, creamy & oh, so delicious!  By one week into lactation, her production was ramping up close to 2 gallons a day, and she hadn’t hit peak yet.  And of course, she has the lovely udder she was bred for.

Calving History:

8/5/16 – (DOA) red heifer by Belle Fourche Clay
7/6/17 – “Libby”, red heifer by Thomas
5/22/18 – “Big Mac”, black steer by Schmoozer

In the top additional photo below, Janie is one year old.  The second photo & udder picture are from her first lactation, taken two weeks after freshening.  The jars of milk are from day 4 and show what a nice thick cream line she gives.

Additonal Photos

  • CPR July Jane
  • CPR July Jane
  • CPR July Jane
  • CPR July Jane


Sire:  Mrald July Joe:  Iodine x Circle H’s Frederick

Dam:  Hillview Daren Jane:  Hillview Daisy May Lucifer x Riverhill Saturn’s Galaxy