Songwood Mucha Sorpresa

Praise (Dexter, Heifer)

Songwood Mucha Sorpresa

ADCA #044024

DOB:  4/30/2018
birth height: 24″
birth weight:  50 lbs.
polled:  heterozygous
color:  black, carries red (E/E+)
chondro-free:  PV obligate
PHA-free:  PV obligate
milk beta-casein:  A1/A2

Luna has been consistently producing bull calves, so I experienced “Much Surprise” when I discovered that she had a heifer this time around.  And what a beautiful little surprise she is!  Praise has a nice thick, long body, and is a sweet, friendly baby.  I can’t wait to see her mature!


Sire:  RdoubleD Schmoozer:  Circle H’s Bellis x Hiyu Renown Magician

Dam:  Legend Red Luna:  Legend Red LuLu Bell x Tama Titanium