RdoubleD Late Entry

Ellie (Dexter, Heifer)

RdoubleD Late Entry

ADCA #044019

DOB:  2/16/2018
birth height:  23″
birth weight:  42 lbs.
color:  black (ED/ED)
chondro-free:  tested
PHA-free:  tested
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

Yes, this pretty, little girl made a late entry…born a full week after her due date, so L.E. (Ellie) she is.  She was worth the wait though, and I can’t wait to see how she matures.  With her sire, Direct Deposit, being a Galaxy son out of a Bedford Romarc Rambler daughter, I am super excited to add his genetics to my herd.


Sire:  RdoubleD Direct Deposit:  RdoubleD Sadie x Riverhill Saturn’s Galaxy

Dam:  RdoubleD Show Time:  RdoubleD Playmate x Llanfair’s Philbert