Calf Corner

Here come the babies!  Look below for this year’s new arrivals that have been added to our herd.  Click on any calf’s picture or name to see more information.

PLEASE NOTE:  These calves are NOT available for purchase.  Please see our ‘Sale Barn’ page to find our stock for sale.

Expected Arrivals for 2018:  Here’s a list of who’s bred to whom for the upcoming calving season.

Bonbon x Thomas – 1/16 heifer (see photo below)
Stacia x Direct Deposit – 2/10 bull
Timmie x Direct Deposit – 2/16 heifer
Cara x That One Farm Gregory – 2/25 heifer
Delight x unknown That One Farm bull – 3/11 bull
Charlie-girl x High Pines Ferley
Junebug x Thomas
Zippy x Cecil
Ruby x Cecil
Ginger x Thomas
Rosie x Cecil
Luna x Mooch
Dixie x Cecil
Janie x Mooch
Bunny x Mooch
Lucky x Mooch
Irish x Cecil
Buttercup x Thomas
Shiner x Thomas
Winnie x Thomas
Branna x Cecil

Irish Dexter Cattle

A dual-purpose animal is bred to serve two functions: milk and beef. The Dexter is to be compactly built, shorter in length than that of a true dairy breed but thicker in the thighs, hips, loin, and shoulders. Its disposition should be easy to handle and docile as its main purpose is to be a family cow. It should not be overly large and tall, or excessively small. more...