Belle Fourche Rousseau

So-Man (Dexter, Foundation Bull)

Belle Fourche Rousseau

ADCA# 023798 PDCA# 204625

DOB:       03/11/2007
hip height:   46″
weight:  1060 lbs.
polled:   homozygous
color:     red (E+/e)
chondro-free: PV obligate
PHA-free: PV obligate
milk beta-casein:  A2/A2

What a find this man was, from  Belle Fourche Farm.

Rousseau is one awesome guy and our foundation herdsire.   He’s homozygous polled, which means all his calves will be polled, no matter what.  The So-Man has a straight topline, a nice long hip, and great feet.  He’s got a super temperament, excellent muscling and comes from good dairy bloodlines.  His dam is a 3-3 1/2 gallon per day producer, and he’s also homozygous for the A2 beta casein.

His mellow, friendly disposition has made him a pleasure to have on the farm.  We’re so excited to have Rousseau as herdsire and have been extremely pleased with his calves so far.  Average birth weight has been 58 lbs.  They have been well built, stocky calves with super sweet, friendly dispositions that are easy to work with & train.  His daughters here are coming into production, and are proving to have better udders & milk production than their dams.  For more info & photos of some of his offspring, see our blog post about Rousseau.


AI Sales:

We still have semen straws from Rousseau available for shipment for AI.  See our Semen Sales page for pricing.


3/15/15 SOLD!  Rousseau has gone to his new home at Evening Star Ranch in TX


Additonal Photos

  • Belle Fourche Rousseau
  • Belle Fourche Rousseau
  • Belle Fourche Rousseau
  • Belle Fourche Rousseau
  • Belle Fourche Rousseau


Sire: Circle H’s Frederick:  Circle H’s June x Circle H’s Philbert

Dam: Circle H’s Nutmeg:  Circle H’s Liberty x Circle H’s Philbert