Foundation Cows

I’ve bought a variety of cows during these early years of forming my herd, so that I would have a broad genetic base from which to build. ¬†These are some of my favorite girls, who have had a significant impact on my breeding stock, and have since moved on. ¬†They have each become a major “foundation block” for a line in the Songwood herd, and have made it what it is today.

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Irish Dexter Cattle

A dual-purpose animal is bred to serve two functions: milk and beef. The Dexter is to be compactly built, shorter in length than that of a true dairy breed but thicker in the thighs, hips, loin, and shoulders. Its disposition should be easy to handle and docile as its main purpose is to be a family cow. It should not be overly large and tall, or excessively small. more...