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Moving Day for the Turkeys

July 15th, 2011 by Kim

A Bourbon Red: Growing up & looking more like adult turkeys.

Wednesday was moving day.  The turkeys have been living in a movable pen along with the first batch of broilers we hatched this spring.  Those chickens got butchered last week, and now it was time to move the turkeys to some fresh grazing.

The shelter at it's previous location behind the old barn.

Their Home

The “house” is a very simple structure we built just for raising meat birds during nice weather from spring through fall.  It’s a bottomless box with two large openings, one on each long side.  There is a floor in the center section between the “doors” and perches in both ends.  The center provides a protected place where we hang a feeder.  The plan is to put 4 wheels on it so it can simply be pulled to a new location, but that part hasn’t happened yet, so we just set it up on cinder blocks & use the tractor to move it. (more…)

Mace’s Adventures

July 1st, 2011 by Kim

The Li’l Man lookin’ good.

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks!  Brenton graduated from high school, as valedictorian, Friday June 17.  We made a road trip to west KY to trade non-breeding Noel back to her original owner in exchange for a half-sister of hers.  I had a fun “horse show” day with a small group at a friend’s farm.  Sierra went to the vet for a little surgery, because 5 kittens is quite enough.  And to top it all off, Mace’s shenanigans have required quite a bit of attention also.

So proud of my boy! I can’t believe he’ll be off to college already.

We had leased Mace to some folks nearby for breeding their 2 Dexter cows.  The wife had contacted me, saying the cows were bred & we could come get Mace, so we were planning to pick him up sometime the week after the AGM.  We got home Sunday night, and early Monday morning she called, rather troubled, asking if we could come for him that day.  Their neighbor had put a small herd of Angus cows in the field adjoining theirs, a few of which apparently weren’t bred & were calling to Mace through the fence.  He had jumped the 4′ fence & proceeded to chase the Angus cows around, trying his best.  Fortunately for Mace, the Angus BULL didn’t care who was fooling with the girls that he was supposed to have bred!  And fortunately for the rest of us, neither did the neighbor.  They were able to get a halter on him & lead…or maybe drag…him down the road & up their driveway to get him back in the pasture where he belonged.  Needless to say, we left as soon as we could, to prevent a repeat! (more…)