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Of Fencing & Calf Tricks

May 21st, 2011 by Kim

Ladybell & new heifer, Trixie, by the electric rope & vinyl perimeter fence.

Jeff has been working on fencing the last couple weeks.  We’re finally getting the front yard enclosed for more pasture….yeeaaa!  Then there’s also some existing fence that needs redone, as we’ve found it to be inadequate…hence the calf tricks.  Tricks that I’m tired of!  So, if you’re wondering what kind of fencing you need for Dexters, here are some things we’ve learned.

The “Old” Fence

When we started fencing on this property, we decided to fence with braided electric rope, in combination with a vinyl product called Equiline.  Jeff didn’t want to have to worry so much about grass & weeds gettting on the electric, and the Equiline was cheaper.  We put up a 5-strand fence, two of those being electric.  The lower electric is at nose-height for Dexter calves, the upper around nose-height for adults.  Then there are 3 strands of Equiline, bottom, middle & top.  This gives us a strand below the lower electric to keep bitty calves in, and the top strand is high enough for the horses.  But there’s enough space under the electric that the animals will graze under it, as they can push the Equiline out of the way.  (more…)

Spring Babies!

May 7th, 2011 by Kim

Look who's new on the farm! A curious turkey poult.

Spring has brought many babies with it here on the farm.  So although my human kids are great, I thought for Mother’s Day, I’d show off some of my other new babies.  We decided to add turkeys to our menagerie this year, so along with our “normal” calves & chicks, we now have this interesting new addition.

Hershey is looking quite the fine young man these days.

I am, of course, delighted with this year’s calves so far.  Hershey is growing into an extremely nice-looking bull calf, and is starting to get his grown-up colors shining through his coat.  It’s amazing how fast they grow…he looks huge compared to the newborn Dexter calves, even though he started out close to the same size as they are.  He is friendly & mannerly, and doing well with his halter training….such a nice boy! (more…)