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Dropping Calves & Jumping Bull

April 23rd, 2011 by Kim

Our new baby girl…not quite dry yet.

It’s been quite a busy week!  Tuesday morning I had a dentist appointment AND an eye Dr. appointment.  I got back home about 1:00 & looked in on Keira before going in the house.  I had her put up at the barn, because she was looking close to calving.  She was standing there, looking back at me like there was nothing in the world going on….and it really looked like there wasn’t.  I went in & did a few things before returning to the barn to finish cleaning things up in the parlor from morning milking.  At 2:00, as I walked back toward the barn from the house, I could see a small black something laying on the ground beside Keira.  Sure enough, in the short space of an hour she had delivered a darling little HEIFER.  Yiippeeee!! Finally a heifer!!  Though, actually she’s not that little…she’s a hefty 60 lbs.  WOW! (more…)

Good Bye, PDCA: I’m Jumping Ship!

April 10th, 2011 by Kim

The view from our patio door.

Aaahhh….sun, sand & ocean waves.  I’m writing from the beach in Florida this week.  Jeff’s corporate meetings for the hospital mean a mini-vacation for us.  Gotta love it!  Listening to the ocean sounds, in my imagination I’m on a ship…we’re being boarded by pirates…no, this IS a pirate ship…and it’s going down…or is it?  The crew is bailing furiously…trying to repair the breach…the pirate Captain is screaming orders, trying to maintain control.  I’m not hanging around to see what happens…I gotta jump into…Whoa, back into reality!  Boy those waves are mesmerizing.  Or maybe I’ve just watched Pirates of the Caribbean too many times with my kids.

Accomodations on the corporate dime can be rough.

Whatever the case, reality tells me I need to get off the PDCA ship.  Things are very wrong there.  Whether or not the ship is sinking remains to be seen, but at least in my opinion, they’re totally losing their credibility as a reputable Dexter registry.  Although there are a few Board members trying to do the right thing, they get out-voted by the majority.  There are things going on at the leadership level that the general membership ought to be made aware of, yet I doubt the leadership will be forthcoming about their activity.  “Member driven” is recited like a mantra, but I’ve come to believe that it’s a farce.  So here are a few recent happenings you may be interested in knowing about. (more…)