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What to do with A2?

December 5th, 2009 by jeff

A Review of the A2 Milk controversy for Dexter Owners

Jeffrey L Newswanger DO

Here at Hope Refuge Farm, we recently acquired a very nice polled, red bull from the Belle Fourche farm.  The seller informed us that, in addition to his other great traits, he is homozygous for A2. At first, this information meant nothing to me. However, when I learned that A2 referred to characteristics of the milk his off-spring might produce, I was immediately interested.   Our breeding goal at Hope Refuge is to develop Dexters suitable to be family milk cows.  As a primary-care physician and small scale farmer, I am very interested in the relationship between health and agricultural.   Thus, I began a thorough review of the scientific literature in a quest to understand the mystery of A2 milk. The literature trail that I discovered proved at various times to be intriguing, confusing and occasionally downright disgusting.