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Dexters, and Dolphins, and Whales, Oh My!

November 13th, 2014 by Kim
Dolphins swim alongside our boat.

Dolphins swim alongside our boat.

We’ve been doing some travelling this fall, though not on the Yellow Brick Road, and have actually seen all the above-mentioned animals.  It all started with Jeff’s trip to Seattle for his Boards at the end of October.  I decided to go along, so I could visit my friend Stefani, of Emerald Park Farm, while Jeff was taking tests & attending lectures.  We had a wonderful visit, which was also a great educational opportunity for me, as Stefani is an incredibly knowledgeable Dexter breeder.  It was great to be able to have some of the finer points of conformation explained, with good examples at hand.

Split-Fin & Split-Fluke surface & blow.

Split-Fin & Split-Fluke surface & blow.

After that weekend, we took a couple days & went on up to Anacortes, then took the ferry out to Friday Harbor for a whale-watching tour.  What a fabulous experience!  We were hoping to see some orcas, as they’re common in that area, but though they didn’t show up for us, we did see some other exciting things.  As we were heading out on our tour, the crew explained that there was a pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins nearby, which was not a very common occurrence, and that they were quite a lot of fun to see, so they were our first “destination”.  It was estimated to be a group of about 70-80 dolphins, and they were as energetic as the crew had promised.  We spent quite a long time with them playing in the wake of the boat & “bow-riding”…so neat! (more…)


June 19th, 2011 by Kim

In the barn: Wieringa’s string for the show & sale.

Well, we finally got to attend a real Dexter AGM, Show & Sale!  It was a lot of fun to meet breeders from across the country and see all the nice animals that were present.  Although the weather was quite hot, things went very well.  Thursday was a day for exhibitors to arrive & get cattle settled in, while the Board had meetings all day.  The facilities in Stillwater were really nice, even if not in the most convenient location to fly to, for those of us who didn’t take cattle.  There were several vendors set up for the weekend, and also a display of all the pictures entered in the photo contest.

Bath time outside the barn Friday morning.

Friday morning we arrived on the grounds to find things in full swing outside the barn.  Last minute baths, blow-drying, and grooming all around.  Then it was Show Time!  Things kicked off with the Youth Show, for ages 7-18.  The young people all did quite well with their cattle, and the judge did a great job interacting with the competitors.  Next came the Showmanship Classes, which are more about how the exhibitor handles the animal.  Last was the Open Show, which this year was open to ages13 and up.  There were many high quality animals and well-deserving winners. (more…)

The PDCA non-AGM: What’s Going On?!

September 21st, 2010 by Kim

Ryder gets a bath.

Jeff & I had planned for a nice weekend getaway in the Atlanta area, centered around the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association national show & sale and annual general meeting at the Coweta Co. Fairgrounds on Sept. 17-18.  I have been troubled by the problems & conflict among the organization’s leadership that have become evident over the last several months, and was extremely disappointed to find out that the AGM was suffering because of those issues.  It was scaled back to a few simple demonstrations, a seminar by a guest speaker, and a small classification clinic….no show, no sale….but every non-profit organization is required to have an annual meeting, so that was definitely still on.  We decided to go anyway, because we wanted to find out first-hand what is going on, and if the Association can survive it. (more…)

Horseback in Ireland

August 31st, 2010 by Kim

  -UK vacation finale! 

Horse Holiday Farm 

This last part of our trip was purely for fun!  We flew from England to Ireland on Wed., July 21 and landed at the Knock airport in pouring rain.  The farm arranged for a taxi driver to meet us there and drive us to the farm in Grange, County Sligo.  What a beautiful place! 

The view from our bedroom window.

Owners Tilman & Colette Anhold run a B&B there on the farm, and when we arrived, our wonderful hostess, Karin, got us settled in our room and got tea for us.  Even though it was monsooning outside all day, we could tell the view of the shore, sea & islands was gorgeous.  And when the sun came up the next morning….WOW!….what a view!  The weather was perfect, cool & sunny, and we got to meet our mounts for our first day of riding.  (more…)

Of Stroppy Cows & Barking People

August 22nd, 2010 by Kim

              -Vacation in Wales, continued

Tuesday, July 20th was the highlight of our time spent in Wales.  We had a beautiful drive across the countryside and two wonderful farm visits.

Free-roaming sheep along the road in the commonlands.

 The Elan Valley

We left Lower Fishpools Cottage in the morning, headed for Penuwch to visit Ken & Jacqi Parks.  Jeff had contacted Jacqi through their Dexter association, and she had invited us for dinner & a visit.  Jeff just typed their address into the “tomtom” (GPS unit) and trusted the gizmo to get us there.  Well, said tomtom seemed to have a fetish for little back roads that make the most direct route to your destination.  So, needless to say, we had quite an interesting drive to Penuwch. (more…)