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What’s New?

September 21st, 2015 by Kim
Introducing Thomas (behind) & Patrick (in front).

Introducing Thomas (behind) & Patrick (in front).

It’s the first day of fall & we have our first of three fall calves on the ground already.  So, what else is new around Hope Refuge Farm this fall?  Well, we have some exciting stuff going on!  For the first time in our 8+ years of raising Dexters, our breeding program has produced some bull calves that we feel are high enough quality to be kept & registered as breeding bulls.  Not just one, but two exceptional boys.  That is exciting for us, because we can see our breeding program moving forward & our calves improving in quality.  What’s really neat is that these two boys were born within weeks of their sire, Rousseau, leaving the farm for his new home.  So, we are happy & proud to introduce Patrick & Thomas! (more…)

March Madness….My Way

March 22nd, 2015 by Kim

As if February’s weather didn’t have enough craziness that came along with it, like frozen water lines, no city water, and gas regulator problems, now I’ve had my own version of March Madness going on.

Rousseau did not seem impressed with the foot & a half of snow we got.  I think he'll be happy to be in TX.

Rousseau did not seem impressed with the foot & a half of snow we got. I think he’ll be happy to be in TX.

Rousseau was sold & supposed to be moving to his new Texas home in Feb, but the weather delayed that….multiple times.  So March came & he was still here, so we had testing & paperwork that all needed re-done.  On March 3, BoPeep kicked off the calving season by delivering a petite little heifer for us.  We were thrilled to be back in milk, but that also means milking every morning now.  Four days later, I went out to find Scarlett suddenly bagged up the whole way & her pin ligaments totally mushy.  That afternoon we had another beautiful heifer on the ground.  What a darling this one is! (more…)

A Bull Market

December 28th, 2014 by Kim
Belle Fourche Rousseau

Belle Fourche Rousseau

(*NOTE* 3/15/15 Update:  Rousseau has been sold & has gone to his new home in Texas.  This post remains as an excellent example of how to advertise a mature bull, or what information to look for if you’re buying a bull.)

Yes, it’s front page, headline news.

Rousseau is FOR SALE! 

It has not been an easy decision to come to.  He’s been our main man, our foundation herdsire for nearly 5 years, and it’s been wonderful to have such an awesome bull on the farm.  He has done his job, and we’ve been keeping most of his daughters so far, so I’ve been starting to think that it’s time to keep my eyes open for a replacement for him in the next couple years.  I just didn’t think it would be quite this soon! (more…)

The Milkman Comes to the Farm

February 10th, 2014 by Kim

I’m sorry I’ve not posted on the blog for so long…it’s been a rough couple of years.  I’ve been struggling with adrenal fatigue, and the old brain just has a hard time thinking clearly to write.  I probably will not be posting very regularly yet, but will try to get something up here occasionally, so don’t give up on me yet.  I HAVE been keeping the Herdbook, Calf Corner & Stock for Sale pages updated, though, so please check them out.  As a quick overview, 2013 was an encouraging year, with a 100% heifer calf crop, which has really grown our little herd!  Our very first cow, S&H Hilltop Sara, has come back home after selling her 4 years ago, along with an incredibly nice heifer at her side.  And that brings to me our latest, most exciting addition yet…our new future herdsire.

Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman

Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman

We are delighted to introduce our new young man, Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman, who arrived here about two weeks ago the whole way from WA.  When Emerald Park Farm decided to sell him, I jumped at the opportunity, knowing what he had to offer with his bloodlines.  He is Knotting bred, top & bottom, and both his grand-dams are high volume producing Galaxy daughters.  He has a scrotal structure much like his grand-sire, Serenity Oak Farm Taco, who has proven to significantly tighten udders on his daughters.  Needless to say, we have high expectations of the Little Man, and can’t wait to start seeing his daughters here on the farm.  We have a big start for him this year, with 7 heifers to breed!  He should be a great bull to follow up on the solid foundation laid by Rousseau. (more…)

A Big Let-Down

September 12th, 2011 by Kim

Chucky & Hershey have their last buckets of feed here Saturday morning.

Well, it’s been a noisy week on Hope Refuge Farm.  BoPeep did not like losing her young’un!  Not that I really enjoyed leaving mine behind either, but at least I didn’t scream my head off for 3 days after getting him settled in at college.  But all in all things went pretty smoothly with weaning, in spite of the bellowing.  Here’s how our week went.

Stephanie tries to make friends, but Hershey’s not totally sold on the idea yet.

The cow herd had been moved to a newly fenced pasture paddock on the “horse side” of the farm before we left for Michigan.  So Friday (Sept. 2) evening I brought Bo, Hershey & Chuck (Eavie’s steer calf from last year) back to the cow barn.  I penned Bo in the barn corral like I normally had been for milking in the morning, and put the two boys in the front yard-turned-pasture paddock.  I knew things would go better if Hershey had a friend to keep him company, and even though Chucky is about 9 months older than Hershey they’re about the same size & get along great. (more…)