PDCA Election Results: Nothing Ever Changes

January 13th, 2011 by Kim

Noel & Chuck play peekaboo under Rousseau.

For those of you who may not have gotten the news yet, here are the results from the recent election of officers.  First, let me say that here on our website, we HAVE had some change.  We were moved to a different server about 2 months ago, and unknown to silly me, it messed up the site email.  And, yes, it did take me this long to figure it out, after several faithful friends failed to reply to my emails.  Well, needless to say, we fixed it, so if you’ve tried to contact us in the past little while & failed, please try again.  Also, since I’ve been getting ridiculous numbers of spam “comments” on the blog, we’ve had a ‘Ban’ plug-in put in.  It does restore a sense of empowerment to be able to ban certain especially obnoxious folks from leaving their trash for me to sort through.  However, if you try to leave me a real comment and think that I have inadvertently deleted it or banned you, please email me to let me know.  We do love to hear from you!

Now, on to things that haven’t changed, along with some of my favorite Dexter photos from the past year or so.  Here are the final vote counts, as sent via email by the election committee. 

I take Mace for a stroll through the garden.

Total ballots:  147

Terry Parsons: 91
Richard Stimpson: 56

Jimmie Bauer:  20
Jim Johnson:  93
Frank Miles:  32 

Betty Colhoun:  49
Rosemary Fleharty:  61  (first ballot result was misprinted as 52, but was actually 59)
Mark Muir:  37

Carl Cluff:  67
Rosemary Fleharty:  79 

Rosemary Fleharty:  109
Betty Colhoun(write-in):  1 

Oscar being cute & curious.

 Congratulations to all the winners.  Thanks to all who were willing to run. 

 There were many ballots with comments, including problems with the registrar position being a paid position and also that it was not on the nomination list.  Also, a few people noticed that Carl Cluff’s bio/resume was named correctly, but on the ballot David Cluff was listed in error.  Most didn’t seem to notice, and voted for Mr. Cluff, apparently assuming they were voting for the man whose bio they read.  We will forward the comments on to the board for their consideration.  We appreciate any feedback you might have.

Please would someone with a more complete list than mine send this to all possible member email addresses, and someone also make sure it gets onto the website, and/or  however the membership gets notified? 

Thank you,
Andy Smith and Donna Semas
election committee

Eavie gives Chuck his morning bath.

So, there you have it.  All we basically have is a new president, and as he was nominated by those on the “majority board” side of things, it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be any different.  There apparently is a board meeting scheduled for Sunday, Jan 16, and Frank Miles was invited to still attend.  He has been 2nd VP, but that position wasn’t on the ballot, which brought the question to my mind – would he still have the position or are they going to try to get rid of it?  Time will tell what happens.  Overall, I find this situation very disheartening.  I had hoped that things could change, that the organization could be saved from what seemed like impending doom.  It’s possible that it still could happen, but is there going to be anything left worth saving.  I am tempted to go running & screaming in the other direction, as so many others have apparently already done.  And yet, if only….IF ONLY… the PDCA could really be what it was intended to be, we could have an association dedicated to the best interest of the BREED….the Dexters themselves.

I share with you an excerpt from an email from a fellow Dexter breeder, discussing the difference between the two Dexter associations.

Run, Noel!

In practice and in our experience in being involved with both there are a few things that to my mind subtly suggest where the differences between the two associations reside.   Paper differences that are suggestive of the larger difference between the two organizations are two of the PDCA goals.

  • To provide a classification system that reflects the multi- purpose nature of Dexter cattle, and provides reliable ratings for individual animals. To this end, the PDCA’s goal is to have herds that regularly maintain over 5 breeding animals to be classified by the year 2007.
  • To develop a list of breeding bulls that have been tested negative for the chondrodysplasia gene. To this end, the PDCA’s goal is to have all Dexter breeding bulls tested and free of the chondrodysplasia gene by the year 2010

These goals, even if agreed with by a substantial segment of the ADCA membership – which I think is probably the case, would from my experience never be publically proclaimed by the ADCA.    

I think these PDCA goals are suggestive of where the difference between the two associations could be.  A year or so ago before the most recent flair up in the PDCA there appeared to be some momentum for setting the PDCA apart from the ADCA in reality and not just in theory.   For example there was the development of the Certified Registration program and intense discussions about not registering bulls that were chondrodysplasia carriers, discussion about the classification goal and making it happen , discussions about forming a “production dexters committee” to explore production issues with the breed, discussions about registration fees – specifically increasing the registration fee for bulls to discourage the registration of everything  with  a Y chromosome, and  inverting the fee schedule so that  1 month old bull calves, if someone chose to register,  would cost significantly more than registering an 18 month old bull. 

These types of differences were the hope we had for the PDCA.  In summary, and this is certainly an overgeneralization, as there are many dedicated ADCA only members that also would support these initiatives, the PDCA was moving toward focusing on breed improvement (as opposed to focusing singularly on breed increase) and beginning the very first baby steps in requiring members to become stewards of the breed as constructive and educated breeders not just breed “increasers”.

Keira watches over a resting calf.

This is definitely what our special little cows need. So in the midst of all this political foolishness, let’s not forget our dear Dexters.  Let us all keep working toward the goal of making changes for the better as educated breeders and good stewards of a wonderful, little, dual-purpose breed of cattle…..


2 Responses to “PDCA Election Results: Nothing Ever Changes”

  1. Susan Lea Says:

    Thanks for the results. We hadn’t heard yet. It is SO discouraging! It makes me feel like it was worthless to vote. I wrote a letter protesting some of the things you mentioned, including the mix-up on which Cluff we were voting for, but I have never had a response to it. I’m assuming the PDCA leadership is not interested in what members of the constituency have to say.

  2. David Cluff Says:

    Thanks for posting the results for those who have not heard. Like you and Susan, I am very disappointed. My dad, Carl Cluff, contacted the election committee about the error on the ballot and they said they would recommend holding a new election for that position. We had several people contact us about the error, and said they were writing complaints to the election committee and the board as well; I can only imagine that with the results of the Secretary Position being so close, there surely were other voters who might have voted the other way had there not been any confusion. It appears that the board of this “Membership Driven Organization” has yet again ignored a large group of the membership.

    I do hope for the best for the PDCA, but I am going to take on a wait and see approach for the next couple of years. In the mean time we will continue to focus on breeding high quality Dexters for the family homestead. We also are looking forward to getting a breeder’s club (not a registry!) going in the Rocky Mountain area. We should have the Rocky Mountain Dexter Breeder’s Club website up by the end of February. All breeders will be invited to join regardless of where they register their cattle. Good luck with your cows!