PDCA: Make Your Vote Count!

December 6th, 2010 by Kim

Well, it’s been a long, busy month.  I’ve been wanting to get back to the PDCA issues for some time, but things keep happening that have prevented me from getting my thoughts organized into something useful.  But at this crucial time I must make an effort.  And an effort it is, because I think my brain is still not quite back 100%, even though Jeff says my two weeks are up & I’m supposed to be better now.  You see, two weeks ago, a vote I made a few years ago did count.  So, as a precursor to the main vote we’re concerned about, I interject this first, very important vote.

The damaged helmet that saved my head.

Elect to Wear a Riding Helmet! 

Monday, two weeks ago, I took our tried & true, been-there-done-that, anybody can ride her, old-faithful trail horse to go riding with a friend.  I ended up quickly getting up-close & personal with the hard ground.  I didn’t get knocked unconscious & clearly remember the entire incident.  I landed butt-first, then my head hit.  It didn’t seem like my head hit hard – it didn’t really hurt, especially not compared to my backside!  But it was enough to crack my helmet & give me a mild concussion, which has meant two weeks of pretty severe headaches & dizziness, especially if I tried to read or think or do too much.  Yet more proof that even with a bombproof horse, accidents can still happen.  I don’t really want to know what the outcome would’ve been had I not been wearing my helmet!  So if you or someone you love rides horse, please make the vote for a helmet.  It will definitely count someday!

Now onto business!

The crack is small, but rather the hat than my skull!

Elect NEW PDCA Leaders!

Hopefully everyone has received their ballot in the mail.  They sure didn’t allow much time with their mailing – ballots must be postmarked by tomorrow, Tues, Dec. 7, to count!  Not very conducive to everyone getting their vote in on time.  Another item of concern is the fact that Registrar was not supposed to be a position on the election ballot, yet there it is…with one name, unopposed of course, since there was no opportunity to nominate anyone else… so what’s up with that?!  It’s this kind of behavior by the “majority board”, as they like to call themselves, that undermines the integrity of the Association.

I’ve been trying to gain some insight into things, but as I said, haven’t had the time to commit to really digging in as much as I’d like.  What I have found has raised some serious questions about the current “majority board”.  I went back to the very first edition of The Record in the online archives to see what was being said at the beginning of the organization.  I think there are some very important things these people have forgotten.  I quote, “This [PDCA] logo stands for something else.  It represents the dedication of people who want to insure purity in our Dexter breed, who want an accurate registry, and who are willing to stand up for these ideals.”; and “…decided…to form an alternative organization, where the original goals could continue, where the membership would become empowered to keep their leaders focused, and where integrity in breeding and registering cattle is paramount.”; also “The intent was to insure that our cattle would for perpetuity be kept “pure” and with an accurate registry of their pedigree.”; and “This new organization is dedicated to preserving the purity of the original Dexter breed and I anticipate that it will be more responsive to the entire membership.”  IF the current board was thus dedicated, then why are certain members of said board trying to push through illegitimate registrations, and then refusing to resolve the problem in an ethical, cooperative manner?  Why, when we as members made our voices heard loud & clear with a petition, were we shouted down by the “majority board”?

Happy Holidays from Rou-snow!

Perhaps the most pointed thoughts I came upon were these:  again, I quote, “The PDCA is foremost a registry – a system of recording the parentage, genealogy if you will, of breeding animals.  It includes maintaining these records in a systematic manner to ensure integrity in what is documented.  It is for the breed, not the breeders.  The person, or persons, doing registry work for a breed association, takes on great responsibility.  Rules and consideration for other members must be respected.  Ethical people who are serious about the conservation effort involved in maintaining a rare breed of livestock don’t expect things for themselves except as by-products from their work.”  We need leaders like this.  People who are willing to make hard choices for the best interest of the BREED, not themselves or their buddies.  People who are commited to the integrity of the Association.  People like Gabriella Nanci, Stefani Millman, Richard Stimpson, Frank & Ginny Miles, Jimmie Bauer, John & Betty Colhoun, and David Cluff.  With our vote, we will decide which direction the PDCA goes and whether it’s an organization worth fighting to save, or just another “good ol’ boy club”.  Whatever happens, the future of the Association is now in our hands, so please make your vote count!

6 Responses to “PDCA: Make Your Vote Count!”

  1. David Cluff Says:

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the post to the blog and for addressing these important issues. I too am concerned about the quick turn around time period for voting to take place. I just received my ballot on Saturday. I have been checking the mail religiously for weeks. What about those members who may not have received theirs yet, and may not get the mail until it is too late for their vote to be counted. I am also concerned because the ballot has at least one major error.

    I hope this election brings in some new leadership and gets the PDCA back on track again.


  2. Susan Says:

    Hi Kim,

    We just received our ballot too and we rushed to get our vote in the post.

    For the good of the organization, we trust that they will come through with outsourcing the registry. Timely and accurate registration should be the primary goal of the organization. Our personal experience has been unacceptable.

    It is also unacceptable to have such a key position running unopposed.

    We enclosed a letter complaining about those issues with our ballot. I just hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

    Regarding the helmet…. I can’t agree more. I have also cracked a hard hat and am so grateful that I was wearing it. I had a concussion but it could have been worse. That was 25 years ago and I have since been committed to wearing a helmet EVERY time I ride. I know it can save your life.



  3. Jimmie Bauer Says:

    I wrote to Wes Patton yesterday, on the fact that many people received their ballots so late, and many of us
    are rural, with PO Boxes, which means that you have to go to town to get the mail.
    He was going to try to get the committee to extend the date. I hope that he is successful, for the good of our
    membership. I was afraid that many members would not vote because they did not have time to consider the
    votes and make inquiries and have questions asked.
    Jimmie Bauer

  4. Susan Lea Says:

    Thank you for your input. This has been so confusing to us, especially because we missed out on getting a copy of that petition that started the most recent “kerfluffle”!

    I, too, wrote a letter and sent it in with our ballot, and I will send copies to all the board members if I can find their addresses. I personally was dismayed by the poor spelling, grammar and communication skills in the letters from the candidates. Every word processor has spell-check and grammar-check. How can they lead the organization in an excellent way if they cannot give attention to small details like spelling and grammar?

    I also noted the error on the ballot because the name on the ballot was David Cluff, but the letter was from Carl Cluff. ??? We new people don’t know everyone, so things like that are very confusing to us.

    In our letter we protested including Rosemary Fleharty’s name as a candidate for Registrar when the position had not been opened up for nominations. That is highly irregular! All of this just makes us wonder whether it’s worth maintaining our membership. I guess we have to decide soon because our first year is almost up, but we’re still on the fence.

  5. Susan Lea Says:

    P.S. Kim, I’m glad you’re okay now. I, too, had a bad fall and actually landed on my head. My helmet saved my head from damage, though my neck and right arm needed 18 months of physical therapy. I’m very hard-nosed about helmets! Our teenage daughter almost didn’t put hers on once, then did because she knew I’d be mad if she didn’t–and her “bomb-proof” horse reared up and went over backwards, striking my daughter’s head against a welded corral post, then falling on her. Her hip gave her trouble for a long time, but her head was fine.

  6. Margaret Wilson Says:

    Woo Hoo, my ballot just arrived today. I haven’t even had a chance to read it! I cannot get much more disillusioned with both associations so a ballot arriving 24 hours before it is due to be postmarked doesn’t surprise me. Love my cows but I am really pissed at the people who play with our lives to stroke their egos. They have messed up things for everyone involved. What a shame for such a wonderful breed of cattle and the people who love them. Are they proud of what they have done? What are we (and they) going to be left with?

    I just see the registries both imploding. Are we all going to register our cows with UC Davis and the Legacy group? What is left to do? Glad to see someone is trying to keep the breed from disappearing.